Sunday, 4 August 2019

The Angry Piper's Terrain Challenge

The Angry Piper has issued a Terrain Challenge for the month of August. I have taken the bait and will focus on couple of terrain items.

On August 18th we will be convening at The War Dungeon to re-fight the battle of Shiloh from the ACW using our go-to rule set, Brigade Fire and Fury. My contribution to the game will be to construct the area know as 'The Hornets Nest'. In reality it won't occupy that big an area of the table but it is a key feature in which Union troops were able to hold up the Confederate attack. This terrain feature will also contain The Sunken Road (in reality, just a wagon track between fields) which runs along the southern edge of the hornet's nest.

Here is the basic layout on MDF, 19" by 22" at it's widest parts.North -east is at the bottom of the picture:
The square in the lower right is Wicker Field; the sharp indent at the top will border Duncan field; the cork strip running across for left to right is the Eastern Corinth road. In faint pencil along the left hand edge is the sunken road, deviating to the right after it bisects the Eastern Corinth rd..

Of course, we also  need more trees:

As the above work has to be done by the 18th. I am confident I will be able to complete another fairly straight forward terrain piece. In March of 2018 my buddy David and I built a couple of tables to run Pulp Alley games at Trumpeter's Salute in Burnaby, BC (blog here). One of the tables is a city table with a canal running along side it:
The plan was to (eventually) have a railroad piece we can slot into the canal; that will be the second piece I hope to build for The Angry Piper's Terrain Challenge.


  1. Great work on these, and the city terrain with the canal looks especially nice.

  2. Love the blog, was put on to it by Robb from the Gaming on Vancouver Island blog as I’m in Nanaimo too and looking for historical gamers .. my blog is I’m trying to resurrect it so it’s a bit light at the moment. Anyhow, sorry to contact you here but couldn’t find an email link

    1. Hey,grumbeast that's great to hear there is another Nanaimo war gamer (I am actually in the Comox Valley). There is the Nanaimo Historical Wargamers group on Facebook if you do that sort of thing; I managed to avoid Facebook until a couple of months ago when I joined specifically to connect with NHW.
      My email for this blog is codsticker at gmail dot com.

    2. What a fortuitous finding on the blogs! You should definitely connect with the local gamers grumbeast.

  3. Glad you joined in, Codsticker! You're off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  4. Having a target is a great motivator! Looking forward to seeing how the pieces turn out 👍🏻