Monday, 12 November 2018

Warlord Games Saker Cannon and Crew

In between stages of my terrain projects I am trying to add bits and pieces to my other armies. Here I have completed a Warlord Games Saker Cannon and Crew.

I rather pooched the bases for the crew- I should have made the whole stand bigger so there was room to fit the  muddy bases beside the wooden decking (made from scribed Evergreen Plastics sheet styrene).

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

2 Small Hills

Well... smaller than the previous batch. They are each about 30cm by 50cm. Made in the same fashion with 2 exceptions, both improvements over the previous method:
-these two hills are based on 3mm MDF; I wish I had done this for the previous set although it would have made the larger hills a tad heavy.
-after slathering them in tile adhesive/grout mix I began sticking shrubs and rocks directly and applied the static grass immediately. As the adhesive mix takes a long time to dry it worked perfectly; you actually have about an hour to an hour and half of working time- after that it starts to skim.

Here is the raw foam sanded and glued to MDF bases.

The finished hills:

Here some 15mm Numdian horsemen give you an idea of scale:

(without a significant amount of light in the background the camera wants to compensate by yellowing all the greens)