Monday, 23 September 2019

Terrain For an ECW Game

With an upcoming game of Pike and Shotte using our ECW armies, it is my turn to devise a scenario and forces. After choosing a scenario from a Partizan Press book- the battle of Denbigh Green- I came to realise that I had very little ECW -specific terrain. The scenario calls for hedges, a church and a ruined priory. Although I had large batch of unfinished hedging from Jeff I didn't have either a priory (ruined or otherwise) or a church. I do have some Bolt Action plastic ruins and a foam Ziterdes Mill House, a decent size structure; these would have to double as a ruined priory and the church.

Although the mill house comes half painted (primed in 2 colours?) I decided to spend some time on it, painting the daub, wood and stonework.
As you can imagine, the detail isn't as crisp as resin however still quite easy to paint.
The sculpting of the stone walls is really well done; the roof looks to be wood shingle but doesn't have the wood grain texture of the windows and beams. Also, it came primed a rust red so perhaps it is supposed to be slate.
When Jeff passed away he left me about 14' of  hedging made from Scotch Brite scouring pads. I primed them, flocked the pad material with a mix of Scenic Express SuperLEAF material, then based them with my ECW basing blend (a variety of Woodland Scenics fine turf and static grasses). 

Most of these are done - just 3 more feet to go...

Yesterday I started on the ruined priory. I only had a few pieces of  the Bolt Action ruins so I made do and added a Italeri stone wall that I had started painting earlier. Hopefully by next weekend this will also be finished.


  1. Your mill house looks great! I need one of those!

  2. Nice terrain and the mill house came up very well with the extra attention.

  3. Looking awesome Cod!

    The tabletop is going to look great in the games.

  4. Great looking building - really like the paint job on that. The hedges also look great. Shame you are so far away as I have just been gifted a ruined Priory/Church by a friend getting out of 28mm gaming. I look forward to reading about the scenario as it will give me a chance to use my new ruins :-)

  5. Good looking stuff! 😀.
    One never seems to have enough terrain or enough types.

  6. Fantastic! I'm trying to build up my own ECW terrain collection so this was very useful! Looking forward to hearing how the the battle of Denbigh Green goes!