Monday, 30 September 2019

More Terrain For ECW Game

I have polished off the ruins for our game next weekend.
The building is left over bits I had from the Warlord Games Ruined Hamlet set, the walls are the Italeri/Warlord Games plastic Stone Walls set.
As usual a mix of different foliage products and static grasses, from a variety of manufactures as well as some home made bits for overgrowth mounted on a MDF base.

Painted using a mix of Ceramacoat, Cote D'arms, Scale 75 and Golden High Flow acrylics.


  1. Nice walls. You’ve done a great job with the foliage etc.

  2. looking forward to having to scramble around, over or through these terrain features.

  3. Lovely work, and the ruined walls are very effective.

  4. Nice stonework. I need more walls, but I can't remember where I got mine and I'd like the same - random salute purchase about ten years ago.......