Monday, 11 February 2019

ECW Siege Table Part 2

After several distractions I am back working on my ECW siege table for Trumpeter's Salute. The fact that the event is 2 months away is considerable motivation. The table is actually pretty straight forward; in fact most of tricky work is now done. The siege sections have been roughed out; several different pieces with either trenchs or saps. As the inspiration for this scenario is based on the siege of Arnescote castle in the By The Sword Divided TV series I also made sections with the defensive trench out side the wall as an option for the defenders. Here is a sample of how some of the pieces fit together:
 The castle would be on the right in the photo below:
 We decided that the first two rows could be combined into two large sections as Murdock suggested that saps could be dug faster farther from the wall
The flat centre sections have also all been cut and a base coat of tile adhesive and brown sanded grout  applied (plus a few small shrubs):

I couldn't resist finishing off one of the flat pieces;  some Woodland Scenics medium green clump foliage, some bushes of my own making and 2 mm, 4 mm and some 6 mm static grass:
The shrubs are made with a couple of layers of static grass and then flocked with either Woodland Scenics coarse turf or Scenic Express' SuperLeaf:

Next up, the trench and sap sections will get a healthy layer of Sculptamould.


  1. most excellent, look forward to the completed piece!


  2. This is going to look terrific, if the work so far is any indication.