Monday, 25 February 2019

ECW Siege Table Part 3

Progress continued this past weekend.

In preparation for this project I bought a few sprues of Renedra plastic gabions. Primed grey then washed and painted in a variety of woody colours.
I stuck a bunch into the foam with a hot glue gun; concentrating on the gun emplacements first before throwing a few around the other trenches.

Next up I built a shooting step using a collection of (I think) bamboo that was cut-offs from a blind we bought:
 I used the same cut offs to build some wooden defenses for the trenches:
The saps had engineering pavises dug into the front of the saps. Generally they had wheels on them and were moved along as the engineers advanced the saps towards the besieged but I choose to show them dug into the dirt. These were made and cast in metal by Murdock:

The defensive trench also got some sharpened stakes to slow down the assaulting enemy. In By The Sword Divided they called them "Swedish feathers" but they didn't really look like how Swedish feathers are usually interpreted:
 A shooting step was also added:

Then just this morning the trenches and earthworks got coated in a mix of Sculptamold and thinned brown paint (Sherwin Williams Half- Caff for those interested):

Things are starting to look a bit dirty! I will leave them sit for a few days until the Sculptamold is nice and hard then start adding rocks, shrubs and grass- the fun part!


  1. Congrats, useful and beautiful work!

  2. Wow. Looks fabulous already! Great work. I really like your gabions.

    I have always called those stakes in earthworks. ‘storm poles’. Not sure if that is right.

  3. That's coming along nicely, and those gabions look very nice indeed.

  4. Your WiP defensive works are looking fab. Gabions are especially nice.

  5. Thank you guys. Hopefully I will get a bunch more work done this coming weekend.

  6. Very very smart! I kept mine loose from bases, but glued in groups, mainly so that I could use them from game to game and period to period.

    Don;t think I actually painted them though - just drybrushed the plastic :)

  7. Looks like a lot of work, but the results are shaping up to be awesome!