Monday, 12 November 2018

Warlord Games Saker Cannon and Crew

In between stages of my terrain projects I am trying to add bits and pieces to my other armies. Here I have completed a Warlord Games Saker Cannon and Crew.

I rather pooched the bases for the crew- I should have made the whole stand bigger so there was room to fit the  muddy bases beside the wooden decking (made from scribed Evergreen Plastics sheet styrene).


  1. That is a nice looking piece and a dandy gun emplacement!

  2. Dandy indeed! I love the green uniform. I'm also a fan of how the historical cannon sizes had different weird names such as saker, culverin, basilisk etc. I mean 12 lbs is so more accurate, but these other titles ooze character.

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. I think the names reflect a time when artillery was still developing; as such there wasn't much of standard, just a type.