Friday, 29 January 2021

Flemish Mercenaries for Saga

 Having had these plastic Normans laying around for almost 10 years I figured  the AHPC was a good time to put them together and get them painted.

In Saga, Normans on foot don't get much benefit from the Battleboard abilities unless they are armed with missile weapons. Although they cannot gain advantage from the Battleboard Flemish mercenaries are a solid defensive unit; for those that are interested, their rules can be found here.

Four of the Flemings were constructed straight from the components of the Conquest Games Norman Infantry box set. Very straight forward:
For the other four I used some components from Conquest Games Medieval Archers box set. The two below were made using the bodies in mail from the Archers box. The one on the left also has a head from that kit whereas the one on the right has a head from the Norman Infantry kit.
Arms with spears and shields from the Norman Infantry set.
My preference would have been for all the Flemings to be in mail but I ran out of bodies so attired and had to make use of  two in padded jacks.
Both of these figures have heads from the Medieval Archers kit; arms with weapons and shields from the Norman Infantry set as per usual.
All shields were hand painted. Although most of them turned out OK, a couple of them did not. I think in the future, unless it is a dead simple design, I will be using transfers as I did with my Taifa kingdoms miniatures. 


  1. I like your handpainted shieldwork and the designs don’t look dead simple to me.

  2. Handsome mercenaries, well done!

  3. I too like the way you have done the shields on these. Very effective, and lovely work.

  4. They came out well, and I think your hand painted shields are very nice indeed!

  5. Most excellent Cod!

    I think all your shield painting looks correct - often the transfers are 'too crisp' and can shift the eye from your amazing brushworks to the sharp edged transfers.

    Looking forward to seeing them in person on the field of mars!

  6. Very nice! Must give Saga a go one day. The shields look great 👍

  7. Thank you for the kind remarks fellas.

  8. Yup; looking great! I've got some Norman cavalry figures in 28mm somewhere, which took loads of effort to paint and only got used for one game. I shall have to dig them out.