Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Crossbowmen For Saga

 As part of my Analogue Painting Challenge one of my goals is to finish off a couple Saga warbands. To that end I have painted up some Crusader Miniatures Crossbowmen for my Normans.

They are actually from Crusader's El Cid range but are suitable for Normans.

I found the figures alright to paint. I quite like the faces though the detail on a couple of the left hand eyes was a bit obscured.

In Saga terms these 8 figures count as one point of warriors. Once the archers are finished that will give me two units to take advantage of some of those shooty abilities.


  1. Nice work! Has participation in the contest increased your painting mojo?

    1. It has, I think. I would say that it has focused my painting more; instead of drifting from one project to the next I am concentrating on finishing the Normans, my Blackstone Fortress minis and a few western minis. All of those would probably be sidelined by other projects if it weren't for the APC.

  2. Lovely work. They look ready for business.

  3. Nice job! Normans were on my favorite war bands in saga. 😀

  4. They look superb, nice colors!

  5. They came out well! Hopefully they won't "bolt" at the first sign of trouble!