Friday, 29 November 2019

JR Miniatures Outhouse

In my recent Sarissa Precision order I received a free sample of their Terrain Tile System. As I had a 28mm JR Miniatures outhouse I needed a base for I decided to combine the two products.

I really like the irregular edge of the base; I beveled it to aid the base in blending into the table surface.

The base is treated in my standard manner: 2mm Woodland Scenics static grass, followed by a 4 mm - 6 mm blend of brighter green grass finished with a mix of home made and Super Turf shrubs.
The tree is Woodland Scenics with 3M stripping pad material and SuperLeaf for the canopy.
Although the casting on the building was much better than the 15 mm buildings I had painted previously, you can see some of the detail obscuring, stray resin on this close up shot of the door; not really noticeable from arms length though.


  1. Great addition, looks superb!

  2. You have done the weathered wood perfectly on this.

  3. Thank you guys.

    Lawrence: I am really happy with the shingles but I feel the siding is a little dark; I would have preferred it to be a little lighter.

    1. I suppose you could give it a very light dry brush with white, but in my "eye of the beholder" it looks fine to me.