Monday, 18 November 2019

A Start on More Hedging

We need a few extra hedges (several more feet actually...)  for our next ECW game. As the hedges I have already are a little too tidy and manicured for the period I have made a couple of sections that are more indicative of what would have been called a hedge back in the 17th century.
  They started off as 3M Stripping Pads cut and teased apart with pliers and a couple Woodland Scenics tree armatures glued onto wood salvaged from paint stirrers.

After spray priming of grey the bases were flocked with a little Scenic Express SuperLeaf brown foliage under the shrubbery followed by a layer of 2mm Woodland Scenics static grass and another layer of Peco Scene 4mm and 6mm static grass. 
 Some Army Painter grass tufts, a little bit of lichen and home made shrubs were also added before sprinkling the 3M pad material with SuperLeaf green foliage. I usually use a blend of medium green, light (or olive) green and a smattering of moss.

 These would probably line lane ways and ditches. Our lonely 28mm drover and his oxen to provide a sense of scale:


  1. once again the tabletop is going to shine!

  2. More lovely scenery. Great job.

  3. They look superb - nicely done!

  4. Very nice. Good hedges make a huge difference to a table.

  5. Came out looking great. They look good on the table. 😀

  6. Great to see some "untidy" looking hedges. Unless you are cutting them with a modern tractor, then it is very difficult to give your hedge a nice tidy trim. Very realistic!