Sunday, 28 October 2018

Battle of Gaines' Mill Terrain; Part 2

The bulk of the hills are done. In retrospect, I should have used 2" styrofoam or 2 layers of the 1". This is my first terrain designed specifically for 15mm miniatures and I think I erred on the small side.

After the adhesive and sand dried I marked in the roads and starting adding brush in the valleys:
As the battle took place on June 27th. I stayed away from browns and golds as my one trip to Virginia was in July and I was impressed with how lush everything was. The valleys around the hills are mostly forest and swamp and between them is Boatswain Creek. 

As I didn't take pictures of every stage I will give you a rundown of the various steps and follow that up with a number of pictures of the finished hills. I flocked all the hills in 2mm Woodlands Scenics Medium Green and Light Green static grass; doing it in patches and varying the mix to create a little diversity. Then more shrubs and bushes using Woodland Scenics Lichen, Medium Green and Light Green Clump Foliage, Scenic Express Coarse Turf (light and medium green) and some leafy shrubs of my own making. Then some Silflor 4mm Summer grass static grass along the bottom edges of the hills. Then the final touch was to spray the tops with adhesive (I used LePages Spray Adhesive) and sprinkle a mix of Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf (light and medium green) and Scenic Express SuperLeaf (medium green).

Next up: trees.


  1. The hills look really great! Good job. 😀

  2. that looks so awesome!!! I should be watching game film but this looks so good. Can't wait!