Monday, 27 August 2018

Warlord Games ECW Dragoons

I have finally finished off the ECW dragoons that Jeff left me. He had assembled them, primed them black and "wet brushed" them white. He managed to get a few coats painted and a base coat on some of the horses too:

Here they are now in their re-furbished glory (I still have to locate proper guidon for them) :

 The Warlord boxed set comes with a dismounted version for each rider:
The boxed set comes with 12 of each but one has been misplaced so what I have here is a regiment of 11. Oddly enough the other set Jeff left me also has only 11 in it ...

I also managed to finish roughing out the hills for the Battle of Gaine's Mill game we will be playing in the undetermined future.

 The craft sticks mark deployments of the various brigades. I made a couple of mistakes (I was working from 2 different maps, one of which has more detail in it): the far hill in blue should be a little longer and curl around the end of the purple hill opposite of it.  Next up I will give it a hard sanding and coat it with a mix of coloured sanded grout and tile adhesive.


  1. Super producer! Nice work on the terrain. The troops look very sharp. Were the powder containers historically painted (green in this case)? I always imagined they'd be a wood or metal colour....colourized seems more interesting though.

  2. Another great looking unit. I really like this box set from Warlord; very characterful figures, and I like having the dismounted versions of the the mounted figures. I am always a bit unsure about mounted figures firing. They look great as individuals, but they always look a bit odd to me when/if the the unit is ranked up. Figure designers do seem to like doing them though :) . This set also highlights the difficulty for a Dragoon officer if he carried his Partizan while mounted! I can imagine this would get 'lost' on campaign ;) .

  3. You have done some really nice work here! I have 6 dragoons primed and on paint sticks here in front of me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Nice work on your dragoons! Refurbishment was a success.

  5. Thank you guys.

    DaveB: I read somewhere that the "apostles", and pike shafts, were occasionally painted green. It may have been a copper based preservative.

    FoGH: Apparently, the officers had leather thongs for their partisans so they could carry them across their backs when riding, much like musketeers had for their muskets. Early in the civil wars some Dragoons were even armed with cut down pikes.

    If I am honest, they are not my favourite WG figures. I didn't really like some of the faces and there is a lot of detail on the riders, some of which is obscured.

    1. I have seen apostles painted red and blue so why not green?

  6. Lovely job on these. In wonder what happened to the missing figures? Perhaps on a command stand somewhere?

  7. That is a possibility; In had a brief sniff through the cavalry and command figures but didn't see them. I ordered a half dozen from the Perry's to bring them up to full strength. The added bonus is a bit more variety.