Monday, 2 July 2018

Milestone reached: 2 Battalia Box Sets Painted

Finally, after starting this project 4 (5?) years ago I have finished painting 2 Warlord Games Battalia box sets. Were it not for several other projects that sidetracked me, this milestone probably could have been reached within a year of starting. However- as every wargamer knows- there is always a distraction.

The final unit that needed completion was a squadron of cavalry:
As this project originally centered around Prince Rupert's army quartered around Shrewsbury the unit was given a generic Royalist coronet from Flags of War.

With the completion of the last cavalry unit, I thought it was time get both battalia out on a table. The shot doesn't include anything I have painted that isn't part of the two box sets: the mule train or either command stand.

Next up, I continue on with re-painting Jeff's dragoons and I discovered I have a cannon primed and waiting.


  1. That's a sizeable force there! You managed to get some nice shots too with interesting backgrounds. There truly is always a distraction.

    There is an opposing force somewhere? Or is this one 'splittable'?

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave. Although Jeff's force is also Royalist it could be the opponent- a simple matter of swapping out Ensigns and painting the sashes orange.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful looking collection. Kudos to you on sticking it out and getting those last units done up. Beautiful work.

  4. Fantastic work. I know exactly what you mean about projects taking forever and getting sidetracked. My own ECW started about five years ago too and remained extremely slow grow, until I hit the bullet, scheduled in a big ECW game and hit the brushes. Didn’t do it all, but after ten weeks I had two armies ready to go! (There’s pics of the game on my blog :) )

  5. Curt, Maurice, thank you.

    Maurice, I am glad to say I found your latest ECW report.

    1. Great! Looking back, it seems like I started the blog just after the ECW game, so I've stuck up a couple of army pics now to capture them.

  6. A fabulous paint job. I haven't seen Warlord's plastics done better. The first unit of horse is especially good - that should be gracing Warlord's P&S rule book :) . The whole collection looks great together. Getting enough done for a battle, I think, is a great milestone for a collection. For me it takes the pressure off and everything is now an extra, just for fun! You can lavish time on a command group, or that lifeguard unit you wanted to do.