Sunday, 11 September 2016

More WIP stuff...

The drover for the mule train is finished he just needs his animals done.
Not a particularly nice sculpt- I didn't really enjoy painting him; some of the sculpting seemed a bit "messy". A bit of an after though compared to the mules which, I think are quite nice:
Earlier this year I made a command stand using Warlord Games' Cromwell model, my intention being to use
him as Prince Rupert. As soon as I started painting him I knew it wasn't the model for the job but I carried
on with the command stand anyway:
I have since bought a blister of Mounted Commanders from the Perry's as there is a model that I think will do the job of Rupert (I wanted a more static pose for the command stand instead of Warlord's charging model). Two more models to paint and they should be done. The first with unpainted "Rupert" and metal Warlord foot command models:
The second with the newly painted mounted Commander, the old "Rupert" and an unpainted ensign from the Warlord plastic foot:

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