Monday 23 October 2023

New Construction In Brewsterville

 Although I have been trundling along at a steady pace with my hobby these past five months, not much time has been dedicated to historical miniatures. I've been painting LoTR figures as well as a bit of SciFi. A game of What A Cowboy inspired me to get back to my small collection of western gaming items. Since I had already built the Perry Brothers' North American Store I picked up their North American Farmhouse and Renedra's North American church for my little western town of Brewsterville.

The farm house is identical to the store with the exception that it has a different front and a brick chimney instead of a porch.

The church is a great model but I found that both Tamiya and AK Interactive plastic glues struggled to get a good weld. I had to let them sit for a looong time before the bond was strong. 

I left the steeple loose so that the roof could come off to place models inside though I did not detail the insides of either building.

As we already have someone in our group who has an extensive collection of western buildings I will probably only add another couple of structures; a stable and another house possibly.

For now, I have the beginnings of a nice little town. 


  1. Looks like a homey place I could settle in and raise a family...

  2. I was just looking at these five minutes ago on the Renedra website before I saw your post. Great work on them. Having to wait for the glue to dry would drive me nuts though.

    1. I've usually had good results with Tamiya but it's almost like the plastic is too hard.