Saturday, 25 September 2021

18mm Crimean War French

After what seems like a very long time I have completed the Eureka 18mm Crimean War French.

Eureka's French come in 3 different poses, in 2 types of head wear; shako:

And Kepi:
Conveniently the French uniforms have essentially the same colour as the Turks; this project did finish off my bottle of Army Painter red.

I would say that these figures were better sculpted than the Turks; I'm not sure if it is the same sculptor or a different one.

I found the faces and the hands to have better definition, easier to paint, . This officer chose to wear his optional 'steel grey' trousers instead of red: 

The French also have a very nice little cannon to accompany them:

I see that Eureka has an Army Commander pack for the French so I may order one of those and pick up another gun while I am at it.


  1. I wonder if there were any friendly fire incidents with regard to the similar uniforms....
    Nice looking figs!
    Has the artillery technology changed much from the napoleonic war by this point? The carriage and gun seem not light years ahead.

    1. I know next to nothing about the conflict much less technological advances of the time, but now that you mention it, the cannon does look more 18thC than ACW.

  2. Nice little French army! One of my favorite uniforms and armies.

  3. Terrific work. The Eureka 18mm figures look great, and the colours you have used work really well.

  4. Magnifique Monsiuer! They look excellent indeed. What rules are you using?

    I've have 3 Regts of these fellows sitting in my lead pile for some time, but this is the kind of inspiration Ive been looking for to get going!

    Your tones are lovely - just the thing smaller figures need to lift them on the table. Might I ask for your palatte recipe? And who makes the 18mm colours? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you Paul. I base coated the models with Army Painter Ultramarine Blue spray; the uniforms were given a blue wash; picked out the folds and high spots with Ultramarine blue again and then just a little highlight of Ultramarine Blue mixed with GW's Russ Grey on the points of cloth and highest ridges.
      The uniforms come out a little brighter in the photos then they do In Real Life.

    2. Oh, and the flags are, unfortunately, not 18mm; they are 15 mm from Maverick Models.

    3. Thanks for the detailed reply mate, very useful. I wouldn't have thought to undercoat in colour!

      Whats next in your Crimea Project?

    4. Not sure actually... I may order some more French; I am also sniffing around for some Ottoman cavalry